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Friday, March 29, 2013

TALKING THE TALK--- Theater Vocabulary that Everyone Should Know


Good evening everyone.  My name is Bobby Keniston and welcome to Theater is a Sport.  I will be your host for this blog post.

Sometimes, being educational is a lot of fun.  Sometimes, it is just okay.

Nevertheless, I thought I would test you all with a simple theater vocabulary quiz.  It's not even every theatre vocab word in the entirety of the theater, just letters A-E (Actor through Exposition). 

I challenge you all to answer as many questions as you can.  Tomorrow I will provide the correct answers. 

Fun or not, theater vocabulary IS important. 

Without further ado, here comes the quiz.  Good luck and no cheating!


Match the correct vocabulary word with the appropriate letter next to the definition. 

1.  Actor/Actress _______                              A.  A play that is intentionally humorous

2.  Conflict ________                                     B. The clear pronunciation of words

3.  Cold Reading  _______                             C.  The Center of the area defined as the stage

4.  Costume __________                                D.  Two or more people working together in a joint
                                                                              intellectual effort

5.  Denouement ________                              E. The stage area toward the audience

6.  Center Stage ________                             F.  Opposition of forces giving rise to dramatic                      

7.  Collaboration _________                         G.  Clothing worn by an actor on stage

8.  Diction  _________                                 H.  A reading of a script done by actors who have not
                                                                           previously reviewed the play.

9.  Comedy _________                                I.  A person who performs a role in a play

10.  Downstage _________                         J.  The final resolution of a conflict in a plot

Please circle T for True and F for False.  4 points each.

11.  Conversation between two actors on stage is called a monologue.     T           F

12.  Crisis is a decisive point in the plot of a play on which the outcome depends.  T        F

13.  Interrelated conditions in which a play exists or occurs is called exposition.   T         F

14.  Climax is the greatest point of dramatic tension or transition in a play.       T           F

15.   A dramaturg oversees the entire process of staging a production.    T                 F

Fill in the blanks using the vocabulary words in the word bank below.  

16.  The creative process of developing and executing aesthetic or functional designs in a
production, such as costumes, lighting, sets, and makeup is called __________________.

17.  The art and technique of bringing the elements of theatre together to make a play is called

18.  A signal, either verbal or physical, that indicates something else, such as a line of dialogue or an entrance, is to happen  is called a ________________.

19.  ______________  is opinions and comments based on predetermined criteria that may be used for self- evaluation or the evaluation of the actors or the production itself.
20.  ______________ is an improvisational, process-centered form of theatre in which participants are guided by a leader to imagine, enact, and reflect on human experiences.

21.  A theatrical movement of the early 1920’s and 1930 characterized by the use of such artificial devices as cartoons, posters, and film sequences distancing is called _______________.

22.  An _____________ is a group of theatrical artists working together to create a theatrical production.
23.   The technique of calling upon your own memories to understand a character’s emotions is called __________________

24.  The theatre of England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I is known as _______________

25.  Detailed information revealing the facts of a plot is called _________________.

Word Bank
Cue      Epic Theatre       Ensemble        Directing     Design       Critique       Creative Drama
Elizabethan Theatre        Exposition       Emotional Memory

These are not required, but if answered correctly, are worth 5 points each.

1.  The name of the Greek god whose festival is where theatre was created:  _______________

2.  Explain what happens at a dress rehearsal in two sentences:
Hope you all enjoyed this little quiz.  Again, this is only words A through E!  Let me know how you think you did in the comments, and I will have the answers for you tomorrow!

Until then, please remember that the language of the craft is important, and, above all, that theater is a sport.

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