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Monday, September 23, 2013

FREE E-SCRIPT OF THE WEEK: My play, "Betty Lou Twinkle's Tabloid Scandal" FREE THIS WEEK At Brooklyn Publishers!

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen.  My play Betty Lou Twinkle's Tabloid Scandal, a satire about teenage fame, is the FREE e-script at Brooklyn Publisher's website this week!  This means you can download a perusal copy for free, read it, and see if it is a play that you would like to produce!

Click HERE to do so! 


Why should you want to read my play Betty Lou Twinkle's Tabloid Scandal for free?  Here are some reasons:

1.  It's funny.

2.  Teenage fame and teenage celebrity deserve to be satirized and made fun of.

3.  It has the line:  "A teenage girl's belly button on display helps to make her a star in every way."

4.  The play contains one of the most overbearing stage mothers you will ever see in print.

5.  There is a character named Charlie Jabbar, based off of Paula Abdul. 

6.  It has the line: "If a girl has been in magazines, or is filthy rich, it's okay to be a bimbo, it's okay to be a... young woman of temperamental disposition."

7.  Betty Lou just wants to play soccer.

8.  There's a character named Versailles Waldorf-Astoria (guess who she's based off of?)

9.  Betty Lou's mother writes songs with lyrics like "Come on baby show me that  your love is real/ My mamma won't mind if you cop a feel."


10.  Betty Lou's secret friend happens to be a Catboy.  And, she may or may not be in love with him.

Okay, so there's ten good reasons to read my play, Betty Lou Twinkle's Tabloid Scandal, the free e-script of the week at Brooklyn Publishers. 

Again, click HERE to get it! 

Thanks for reading my blog.  Until next time, please remember:  teenage fame deserves to be made fun of, and theater is a sport.  Bye bye for now. 

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