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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Free Excerpt from "AEROPLANE OVER THE SEA" For Two Males and One Female, for Auditions or Class Work!

Script Cover For my play, Aeroplane Over the Sea
Today at Theater is a Sport, I would like to offer a free excerpt from my play Aeroplane Over the Sea, a one act drama available from Brooklyn Publishers, for the use of auditions or drama class scene work.  Or, if you just like reading excerpts of plays, of course!

I am very fond of this play.  The title comes from a great song by Neutral Milk Hotel called In An Aeroplane Over the Sea.  I tried to write a play that would make people feel the way that song makes me feel. 

The play takes place in an Unnamed Country.  A Good Doctor from America has arrived to help people.  Unfortunately, the political climate is not very friendly toward Americans.  In particular, the Peacemaker hates all Americans.  In this scene, the Doctor has been arrested after a bombing in the streets.  He did not commit this act, but has been arrested for it.  Now, he must face the Interrogator.  The Interrogator is a pretty blond woman, who has VERY unorthodox methods of interrogation. 

If you want to read more of the play, or order it for a production, you can do so by CLICKING HERE.  If using this scene for classwork or audition purposes, please give the play and the writer (me, Bobby Keniston) credit, okay? 

So, without further ado, here's the scene:

Aeroplane Over the Sea – Page 15

SETTING: The Interrogation room. It is simply a room without

much light. There is a table with a chair behind it. About five feet

away from this table, there is another chair.
AT RISE: The DOCTOR is in the chair away from the desk. There is

a burlap bag over his head and his hands are bound. The

PEACEMAKER stands behind him with his club out. HE takes the

bag off the DOCTOR’s head. The DOCTOR gasps.
PEACEMAKER: Be ready, Doctor. The Chief Interrogator will be here in
a moment, and you will stand out of respect. Is that understood?

PEACEMAKER: Good. (HE calls out) The American is ready!

(PEACEMAKER roughly pulls the DOCTOR to his feet. The

INTERROGATOR enters. SHE is blonde, pretty, wearing an American-style

businesswoman suit with a skirt. SHE carries a clipboard/folder

that SHE sets on the table. SHE has a big smile as SHE faces the

DOCTOR. SHE crosses to him. When SHE speaks, SHE sounds

American, no different than the DOCTOR in syntax or accent.)
INTERROGATOR: The Good Doctor! Such a pleasure to meet you.
Out of respect, I will give you the highest greeting we possess in this
country. (SHE leans in kisses the DOCTOR’s left cheek and then his
right.) Are you comfortable, Doctor? Peacemaker, you may free his
hands. I don’t think the Doctor is going to give us any danger, are
(PEACEMAKER frees the DOCTOR’s hands.)
You may sit, doctor, take a load off, as they say. You’ll pardon me if
I walk around a bit. I’ve been sitting all day.
(The PEACEMAKER pushes the DOCTOR roughly into the chair.)
Now, Peacemaker no need to be so rough. I’m sorry, Doctor, but the
poor Peacemaker has such a stressful job. I’m afraid it has made
him a bit of a sourpuss. (Playful) You are much younger than I
expected, Doctor! I’m happy to have you hear. It gives me an
opportunity to speak in a manner I became accustomed to when I
was living in America.
(The DOCTOR reacts.)
Aeroplane Over the Sea – Page 16
Are you surprised? It’s true, I lived all over America… Los Angeles,
Texas, Detroit, and even some time in New York City. I’m quite fond
of America, really.
DOCTOR: (With a hint of rancor) But not Americans, I take it?

INTERROGATOR: Nothing could be further from the truth! I have
nothing but the highest respect for Americans, particularly those in
the medical field. No, Doctor, I have nothing against Americans.
After all, I once imagined I might become one. My problem is with

DOCTOR: Then you should have no problem with me.

INTERROGATOR: That is what we’re here to figure out. Isn’t this some
situation we find ourselves in together? Perhaps had we met when I
was in your country under different circumstances, we might have
been friends. So why don’t we try being friends now.

DOCTOR: You want to be my friend?

INTERROGATOR: At the very least, friendly acquaintances. After all, I
have job to do, and you can’t fault someone for doing their job, now
can you? Especially when the job is trying to put an end to violence
in the streets.

DOCTOR: I came here to help people.

INTERROGATOR: I have no doubt. And what more noble purpose is
there than that? (SHE leans over and points to a place on her leg)
This here, Doctor. Do you see this spot on my leg? I’ve been
wondering if I should have it looked at or not? Can you see it?
Should I be concerned? (Slight pause) Don’t be shy, Doctor.
Please, do me this personal favor.
(The DOCTOR leans over and takes a quick look at her leg, and then
sits back up.)
DOCTOR: It looks like a freckle.

INTERROGATOR: A freckle? A simple freckle? Are you sure?

DOCTOR: I believe so. It’s impossible to say for certain in this light, but
I am fairly sure it is a simple freckle.

INTERROGATOR: What a relief! How about that, Doctor? You came
here to help people, and you’ve already helped me. You’ve
accomplished your goal. Congratulations.

DOCTOR: Don’t mention it.
INTERROGATOR: How much do I owe you? An arm and a leg? (SHE
laughs) Don’t you enjoy expressions that employ body parts for
imagery? An arm and a leg, give you ahand, have a heart, off with
his head… although, that last one is moreof a French expression
than American, isn’t it? Off with his head. (SHE smiles) Would you

Aeroplane Over the Sea – Page 17
like a drink of water, Doctor? Perhaps some Coca-Cola? Americans
love Coca-Cola, don’t you?

DOCTOR: I’m fine, thank you.

INTERROGATOR: Such nice manners. Tell me, do I remind you of your
dead wife? She had blonde hair, didn’t she? I’ve seen her picture.
It’s right here in the file. So pretty, your dead wife. Tell me about


INTERROGATOR: I beg your pardon?

DOCTOR: I will not discuss my wife with you.
INTERROGATOR: (playfully pouty) Oh, but why? I would love to hear
about her… what her secret was for capturing your heart!

DOCTOR: Some things belong to me, and only to me.
(The PEACEMAKER hits him open-handed across the back of the head.)
INTERROGATOR: Now, Peacemaker, let’s be civil.

PEACEMAKER: I’m sorry, Chief Interrogator.

INTERROGATOR: If the Good Doctor does not wish to tell me about his
wife, I won’t be crude enough to pry. (to the DOCTOR) I see you
can be very strong-willed. While I find that an admirable quality in a
person, it makes my job a bit more difficult.

DOCTOR: Sorry.
INTERROGATOR: (dismissive wave of the hand) No need to apologize,
Good Doctor. (slight beat) Everyone can be broken. Are you sure
you wouldn’t like a glass of water?

DOCTOR: No. Thank you.
INTERROGATOR: As you wish. (SHE looks into the folder for a
moment) You’ve worked hard all of your life, haven’t you Doctor?
Jumping from home to home growing up. It says here that you even
paid your own way through college. That is quite an achievement.

DOCTOR: I suppose.

INTERROGATOR: You worked for a construction company during your
college breaks, didn’t you? That’s not easy labor. You know how to
really work.

DOCTOR: Being a Doctor is real work.

INTERROGATOR: Of course it is, but let’s not pick nitties, Doctor. I
believe you know what I mean. I’m talking about the difference
between an educated man and unskilled labor.

DOCTOR: I would not describe my construction work as unskilled.

INTERROGATOR: No? What area of construction did you work in,
Doctor? (SHE smiles a very big smile) What skills did you develop
while working construction?
Aeroplane Over the Sea – Page 18
(The DOCTOR says nothing. The INTERROGATOR looks at the

PEACEMAKER and gives him a slight nod. The PEACEMAKER grabs

the DOCTOR by his hair and pulls his head back. HE takes his club and

places it across the DOCTOR’s neck, choking him. After a moment, the

INTERROGATOR holds up her hand and the PEACEMAKER stops.)
Peacemaker, what am I going to do with you? Tch, tch, tch. So
rough. How is the Doctor going to answer my questions if he can’t
breathe? (back to the DOCTOR) Let’s see here. (looking at file)
Apparently you worked with the demolition department in your
construction job. Would it be safe to say you learned a great deal
about explosives in that line of work?

DOCTOR: I was never in charge of…
INTERROGATOR: (cutting him off) The question was not about being in
charge. The question, good sir, was whether you learned about

DOCTOR: Working in the demolition department taught me a small
amount about explosives in regards to their purpose with
construction sites, but…

INTERROGATOR: Thank you, Doctor. It is so much easier this way
when you cooperate, isn’t it? (beat) Did you cry when your wife
(No response)
You must have. I would guess you cried buckets and buckets. Her
dying like that, leaving you all alone. Your unborn daughter dying
with her. It must have been quite a waterfall of tears, never being
able to hold your child. Did you resent the doctors who let them die?
DOCTOR: (fierce) Shut up.

INTERROGATOR: Or did you rage against the Universe itself? Are you
an angry man, Doctor?

DOCTOR: No. I am not.

INTERROGATOR: Not even when those you called friends
disappeared? Those same friends who always secretly wondered to
themselves after a dinner party, ‘what does she see in him? Nice
enough guy, sure, but why him? What’s his secret? How did he get

DOCTOR: My wife loved me.

INTERROGATOR: Of course. But it’s true your friends all disappeared,
isn’t it? Perhaps they couldn’t understand why it had to be her who
died and not you. Have you ever wondered that? Have you ever
wished it was you who died, Doctor?
DOCTOR: (quietly) Yes.

Aeroplane Over the Sea – Page 19
INTERROGATOR: (with faux sympathy) Perfectly natural. To blame
yourself. (beat) After such an emotional trauma, many might wish to
have revenge. Retribution. Is that why you came here? To find
your revenge?
(No response.)
I’m trying to help you.

DOCTOR: Help me how?

INTERROGATOR: Why, to help you clear your conscience of course.
To help you save your soul.

DOCTOR: From what I understand, there have been bombings here
long before I ever arrived. Some group that calls themselves the
INTERROGATOR: (snapping a little) That’s enough! (composing
herself) The idea of any “resistance” is a nothing but a fairy tale. And
it suggests, Doctor, that our people are not happy here. Suchsuggestions are not very polite. (beat) Violence in our country
comes from outsiders. And you, sir, are an outsider.

DOCTOR: I’ve done nothing wrong.
INTERROGATOR: If you say so. (SHE sighs) I suppose that is enough
for now. You will be our guest here, Doctor, until we decide your
case. I thank you for diagnosing my freckle. We’ll talk again
tomorrow. Perhaps you shall find me prettier then.
(SHE leans over and kisses the DOCTOR on his left cheek and then his

right cheek. SHE stands, looks at the PEACEMAKER and nods. The

PEACEMAKER puts the burlap bag back on the DOCTOR’s head.

Again, you can order the play by CLICKING HERE.  I hope you enjoyed this excerpt from what I consider to be a fairy tale for older audiences.

Until next time, always be braking your legs, and remember--- theater is a sport.

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