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Thursday, September 5, 2013


Yours truly, Bobby Keniston
Today I'm going to offer a free monologue to be used for auditions or classroom purposes.  It is a male monologue from my play, MY PROM DATE WAS A FELON, available from Brooklyn Publishers.  To read more, or order the play, you can CLICK HERE I offer this monologue here for educational purposes.  Just be sure that if you use this monologue for an audition or for the classroom, please make sure that everyone knows the title of the play and the author (yours truly, Bobby Keniston)

In this scene, NOAH, our hero, has declined his friends' invitation to tag along to the prom with them, and here, he explains why he got all dressed up to go to a fancy restaurant by himself.

NOAH: (sighs)
Seriously guys, I appreciate what you’re trying to do.

Really. But I don’t want to go to the prom and be a dateless wonder.

I can’t. The only reason I came here to the restaurant is because I

was sitting at home feeling sorry for myself, trying to forget it was

prom night, trying to forget that all over town, guys were picking up

their dates in limos, and that proud parents were snapping photos of

these perfect little couples all dressed to the nines. But I couldn’t

forget. All I could think about was how I would never have that prom

photo of me standing next to my high school sweetheart, because I

don’t have a high school sweetheart. That I would never have a

prom story to tell. So I put on my best pants and jacket, and the

stupid cummerbund and bowtie that I have for jazz band, and I came

out to dinner, to confront what I was missing head-on. To look at

everyone else making these memories, good or bad, that I’ll never

have. And now I’ve confronted it, so I’m just going to eat my steak

and go home. And that will be the end of my prom story. I’m sure it

will disappoint my kids if I’m ever lucky enough to have any.

(End of Monologue)

So, thanks once again, and feel free to use this monologue for classroom purposes or for auditions.  If you want to read more of the play, My Prom Date Was a Felon, CLICK HERE!  And please, I'm happy to have you use this monologue, just remember to give me and the play credit!

Until next time, enjoy, and remember--- theater is a sport.



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