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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Free Scene For Student Actor Auditions!

Welcome to Theater is a Sport.  My name is Bobby Keniston, and I love writing plays, acting in plays, and talking about theater. Today, I wanted to offer you all a free scene to use for audition purposes, or for classroom exercises.  If you are a student or community theatre actor, feel free to use this brief excerpt with a partner for an audition or for a class involving scene work. 

This scene is for 1 male and 1 female.  It is from my play, Avoiding The Pitfalls of High School Dating, available from Eldridge Publishing.  You can order a copy or license a production by CLICKING HERE

So, here goes (Note--- Lucky is written as male, Starry as female):


By Bobby Keniston
(Excerpt may be used royalty free for auditions.)

(In this mini-scene, LUCKY DAYE and STARRY KNIGHT,
charismatic characters dressed in flashy clothes, are on
stage and address the audience directly, as though talking to
a live studio audience. They are both “dating experts,” and
are plugging their new system about avoiding the pitfalls of
high school dating.)

STARRY: Dating isn’t easy.

LUCKY: That’s right. And neither is high school.

STARRY: So imagine how hard it can be to combine the
 LUCKY: And yet, high school dating is perhaps the most
important time in one’s life to develop socially.

STARRY: Yes! High school dating is the training grounds for
building successful, adult relationships in years to come.

LUCKY: And while I don’t have any (Makes “air quotes” with
fingers.) “statistics” or any actual (Once again.) “scientific
proof,” I think it’s safe to say that if you don’t master the art
of high school dating, you will probably never get married
and most likely wind up dying alone.

STARRY: That’s right, Lucky. With an unhealthy number of
cats and ceramic figurines, I might add.

LUCKY: But if you’re in high school and have never been on
a date, don’t despair! Help is on the way!

STARRY: Tonight, Lucky and I are going to teach you the
ins and outs of navigating the rough waters of teenage
relationships with our amazing new system…

LUCKY AND STARRY: “Avoiding the Pitfalls of High School
Dating!” (Encourage audience to applaud.)

LUCKY: If you follow our FIVE simple rules, you will be well
on your way to landing the girl or guy of your dreams.

STARRY: And best of all, you’ll be doing so in a safe and
responsible manner.

LUCKY: That’s very important.

STARRY: I know, Lucky. That’s why I said it.

LUCKY: Ha-ha. Right. (Beat.) Once you master these easy-to-
follow rules, you will understand what it means to be
STARRY: Confident…

LUCKY: Attractive…

STARRY: Well-liked. And oh-so…

LUCKY and STARRY: Dateable!

LUCKY: Even if you have never been on a date in your life,
you will find success with our program! It’s so simple…

LUCKY and STARRY: Even a child could do it!!!


STARRY: Not that children should be dating.

LUCKY: Of course not!

STARRY: Wait until high school, kids!

LUCKY: That goes without saying.

STARRY: Not according to our lawyers, Lucky.

LUCKY: Right. (Slight pause. Big smile.) Well, let’s get
started, shall we? Who would like to see a demonstration
of our program in action?

From: Avoiding the Pitfalls of High School Dating - By Bobby

Published by: Eldridge Publishing Co.

All right, hope you enjoyed this free scene, and have fun with it.  Please feel free to order the whole play if you're of the mind, and have a wonderful day.

Until next time, please remember--- theater is a sport.

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